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Can I be un-draped during my session?

Can I be un-draped during my session?

Rocio's Healing Touch

Can I be un-draped during my session? Rocio’s Healing Touch (RHT) does not perform massage therapy on un-draped clients. Draping is the technique of uncovering only the part of the body that is being worked on during a massage. For example, if the massage therapist is working on a leg, just that one leg will be exposed.The client will remain in a fully draped (appropriately covered) position except for the body part being worked. Your private parts are always concealed. That way the therapist maintains a professional and ethical practice. All while avoiding embarrassment to the client or herself. A client feels comfortable, safe, and warm. Draping is also done to preserve the client’s body heat. Keeping the client’s body heat is an essential part of performing a massage.