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Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

Swedish MassageThe Swedish massage is the most common type of massage (Brown, 2015). This would be the type of massage that someone would get the first time you visit a spa (Brown, 2015). Swedish massage is similar to Deep Tissue in technique and movement with the difference that Swedish massage is softer lacking the slight discomfort that is associated with Deep Tissue Massage (Wong ND, 2014). A Swedish massage can be slow and gentle or hearty and invigorating depending on your therapist and the end gold (Brown, 2015).

Although most individual get a Swedish massage between 50 to 60 minutes in length, 75 to 90 minutes will be best to allow the therapist time to work the muscle tissue to archive best results (Brown, 2015). If you have a 60 minutes Swedish massage and you need a specific area worked, you can ask the therapist to spend more time in that area (Brown, 2015). However, if you want a deeper, more intensive massage, you may want to schedule for a Deep Tissue massage (Brown, 2015).


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