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How can I schedule a massage?

How can I schedule a massage?

How can I schedule a massage? You could schedule a massage online by pressing the “Book Now” button, visiting or by texting (239) 244-8559. The best way to schedule your massage is online because this allows you total control over your reservation(s). You will be able to see all available spots, select the most appropriate for you, and pay for the massage (or package) right on the page. Also, you can also or reschedule your massage.

When scheduling your appointment online, you will see the dates on a calendar. If the date you want does not have a green circle then the date is not available. Click the arrow to go to the next month until you see the dates with the green circle then select the date you want.

After selecting the date, you will see the available time slots. Select the one you want.
How can I schedule a massage?

Please do let us know if you have any questions by either emailing us or texting (239) 244-8559, which are the best ways of contacting us.